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Alvis TD21 HRH Drophead

A Special Version of the car owned by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and built to his own specification.

Made by J & M Classics

Limited Edition of 250

1:43 scale white metal

Stock Code: TD21 Drophead HRH Prince Philip

Price: £135

This Alvis TD21 Drophead is a special version of the standard car and is unique.  The windscreen rails are three inches (7.6cm) taller than normal.  The hood is power operated and is unusual in having rain gutters and being fully lined.  Reclining seats and inertia reel seat belts are fitted.  The dashboard and door cappings are trimmed in a green leather.  There is an additional console in the centre housing a Pye VHF communications unit.  Various other changes have been made to controls and ashtray design.  The royal pennant can be mounted on a spigot on the bonnet.

Because of the power operated hood fittings the hood does not fully open flush with the bodywork as can be seen in the photographs.

The car was overhauled by the Alvis Owner Club some years ago and is normally on display in the museum at Sandringham.

Options Available

British Racing Green

Hood open or Hood closed

Sorry this model is not currently available.  Email for details if you would like to reserve one.


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