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Alvis Models

All of the Alvis models are shown below.  Click on the model picture to see full details of a particular model.  You can sort the models by clicking the header links.

Please note that if a particular model is not in stock we are able to build one to customer order.

Click for DetailsModelScaleMade ByPart Number 
12-70 Drophead Tourer1:43J & M Classics12-70 Drophead
12-70 Saloon. Bodied by Mulliner.1:43J & M Classics12-70 Saloon
4.3L short chassis Vanden Plas Tourer1:43J & M Classics4.3L Vanden Plas
Speed 20 Cross and Ellis Tourer 1934.1:43J & M ClassicsSpeed 20 Cross and Ellis
Speed 20 Saloon as used by John George Haigh, the Acid Bath Murderer.1:43J & M ClassicsSpeed 20 John Haigh
Speed 20 Vanden Plas Saloon 19331:43J & M ClassicsSpeed 20 VDP Saloon
Speed 25 Charlesworth Drophead 1936.1:43J & M ClassicsSpeed 25 Drophead
Speed 25 Charlesworth Saloon 1938.1:43J & M ClassicsSpeed 25 Saloon
Speed 25 Tourer1:43J & M ClassicsSpeed 25 Tourer
TA14 Drophead 1946/47.1:43J & M ClassicsTA14 Drophead
TA14 Duncan 2 door Sports Coupé1:43J & M ClassicsTA14 Duncan
TA14 Duncan Drophead Sports Convertible.1:43J & M ClassicsTA14 Duncan Convertible
TA14 Saloon 1946.1:43J & M ClassicsTA14 Saloon
TA14 Delivery Van.1:43J & M ClassicsTA14 Van
TA21 Drophead 1950/52.1:43J & M ClassicsTA21 Drophead
TA21 Saloon with sunroof. 1950/52.1:43J & M ClassicsTA21 Saloon
TC21/100 Grey Lady Drophead Coupé 1953/55.1:43J & M ClassicsTC21/100
TC21/100 Grey Lady Saloon1:43J & M ClassicsTC21/100 Saloon
TD21 Series I drophead coupé owned by Douglas Bader1:43J & M ClassicsTD21 Bader
TD21 Drophead HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.1:43J & M ClassicsTD21 Drophead HRH Prince Philip
TD21 Saloon Series 1.1:43J & M ClassicsTD21 Saloon Series 1
TD21 Saloon Series 2.1:43J & M ClassicsTD21 Saloon Series 2
TE21 Drophead owned by Douglas Bader1:43J & M ClassicsTE21 Bader
TE21 Drophead.1:43J & M ClassicsTE21 Drophead
TE21 Saloon.1:43J & M ClassicsTE21 Saloon
TF21 Drophead 1967.1:43J & M ClassicsTF21 Drophead
TF21 Saloon.1:43J & M ClassicsTF21 Saloon
V8 Burns Special1:43J & M ClassicsV8 Burns Special