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Daimler Conquest Century Mk II


Made by J & M Classics

Limited Edition of 125

1:43 scale white metal

Stock Code: DA1

Price: £110

The Daimler Conquest Century Saloon (1954–1958) was made by Daimler as a special version of the Daimler Conquest.

The century had an up rated 100 BHP engine and did 0 to 60 MPH in 16.3 seconds.  A Daimler four speed preselector gearbox with "fluid flywheel" was used.  The 1954 Conquest Century model had a new alloy head with big valves, higher compression, high lift cam, and twin SU carburettors.  Daimler listed the heater as a standard fitting - unusual for those days!

4818 Daimler Conquest Century cars were produced.

A review of the Daimler Conquest Century model.

This model is based on the original Daimler Conquest Century model made by Pathfinder, but updated by J & M Classics to be more in line with the quality that you would expect from this manufacturer.

Modifications include replacing the windscreen wipers with plated parts, using plated parts for the door handles and the three rear lights (two brake lights and one for the number plate).  The plated headlights are clear rather than the original solid ones.

The MkII model has black dials on the dashboard, including a rev counter.  Air intake vents are fitted on the front to the side of the radiator and spot lights are fitted above the bumper.

Options Available

Available in four standard colours:

Two tone silver grey over maroon


British racing green


All colours have silver wheels

Select Colour:

Select Quantity:


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