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Healey Elliott Le Mans 1949 and 1950

Made by J & M Classics

The total limited edition quantity of Elliott models is 750

1:43 scale white metal

Stock Code: RC4

Price: £120

This car took part in the Le Mans races in 1949 and 1950.

Background Le Mans Healey JGO 892

History of Le Mans Elliott JGO 892

(Lots of pictures, so loading may be slow)

Note the two petrol filler caps at the rear of the car, the bonnet straps, no bumpers or external mirrors and the racing numbers.

Supplied with a certificate of authenticity which includes the limited edition number, and a printed history of the car.

Options Available

The 1949 version is available in Light Silver Grey

The 1950 version in Metallic Sage Green.

These are believed to be the original colours.

Sorry this model is not currently available.  Email for details if you would like to reserve one.


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