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Bradford Van Kit

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A built model:

Jowett Bradford Van

Bradford Van (Kit)

Kit by J & M Classics

1:43 scale white metal

Stock Code: Brad1-kit

Price: £39.95 for basic kit. (See extras available).

This kit is of the identical parts used in the Bradford Van model detailed in the model page.

The standard kit provides all parts as used in the model, with the plated parts pre-plated, and all painted parts as bare metal.

There are two versions of the radiator available, The first is supplied as bare metal so that it can be painted (normally the same colour as the body, as fitted on most Bradford Vans).  The alternative is a plated radiator.

As an option we can paint the body and wings so that the body is of the chosen colour, with a standard black roof, and with the wings in black.  This leaves you to paint the chassis, headlights, the interior, and if required the radiator.  Standard body colours available with this option are maroon, grey or British racing green.  This option costs an additional £20.

Note that the kit consists of about 45 parts, some of which are very small.  We supply a detailed parts list, but do not provide detailed assembly instructions.  Instead we provide hints for building the model based on our experience.  For a model with this number of parts it is expected that the model maker will be relatively experienced.  A copy of the documentation provided with the kit can be seen here.

There is some background information on the Bradford van, with photographs of typical vehicles which can be seen by following this link.

Options Available

Kit Versions:

Standard kit (bare metal). (£39.95)

Kit with pre-painted maroon body, black roof, and black wings. (£59.95)

Kit with pre-painted grey body, black roof, and black wings. (£59.95)

Kit with pre-painted British racing green body, black roof, and black wings. (£59.95)

Radiator Versions:

Bare metal radiator for painting.

Plated radiator.

The van was normally supplied with a single driver seat because of the tax situation at the time.  We normally supply the kit with a single seat, although a second seat can be supplied if required.

Note that the standard kits, with either version of radiator are available for posting now.  Versions with pre-painted bodies typically take 4 weeks from order.

This kit is also available as a built model.  See the Jowett section of the site.

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