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Squire 1-1/2 litre Background

Squire 1-1/2 litre Vanden Plas De Luxe 2 Seater (AT3)

Sat at his school desk, Adrian Morgan Squire, a public school boy, aged 16, produced a six page brochure of a two-seater sports car he wanted to manufacture.  Initially he worked as an apprentice for Bentley and later in the drawing office for MG and when he reached the age of 24 he built the Squire.  The dream only lasted 2 years with a total Squire production of 7 cars.

An exquisite 1-1/2 litre machine, the Squire was as near perfect as one could get for a sports car and way ahead of it's time with fine handling and fantastic brakes.  The bodies were glorious, none more so than the Vanden Plas de luxe two seater.

A rigid cruciform braced frame carried some exquisitely made running gear, the Anzani R1 engine had twin ohc, and a roots blower powering the car to 100mph.  There was a four speed Wilson gearbox and superb 15" hydraulic brakes.  The whole car was beautifully made but the price of £1095 - £1200 was a lot of money in 1935 and put it into the 3-1/2 litre Bentley league.  Slashing the price below £1000 in 1935 meant no profit at all and the end was inevitable.  A high price and under-capitalisation had brought the company finally to it's knees.  He did have cheaper bodywork supplied by Markham of Reading, to give a cycle wing version, but this was not enough to save the company.

Following liquidation in July 1936, three further cars were built by a Squire owner Val Zethrin, from parts which he purchased, to bring the final number built to 10.

Adrian Squire went on to work for Lagonda but sadly died in an air raid in 1940.


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