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J & M Classics Daimler Convertible

This article and review appeared in the Diecast Collector Magazine for May 2008 under the title J & M Classics Daimler Convertible.

Richard Carlson tells us a little more about some recent hand built models of note.

J & M Classics Daimler Convertible

The second variant of the Daimler Conquest, the convertible coupe, was recently introduced into J & M Classics’ lineup.

The Daimler Conquest saloon was introduced in 1953, eventually replacing the Consort, and the convertible version of the new car came in spring 1954.  Powered by a 2433 cc 6-cylinder ohv engine producing 75 bhp, performance was good, with a 0-60 time of 20 seconds, and a top speed of 81 mph.  The car’s real forte though, was its ability to cover long distances at high average speeds.  The performance was smoothly delivered, the handling and road manners were very good, and the car was well equipped and very comfortable.

The convertible hood was power operated, and could be kept in the “coupe-de-ville” position.

The Conquest range ceased production in January 1958, with no immediate replacement, though the Majestic came along later that year, to fill the gap for a large comfortable owner-driver Daimler.

The model can be had in either open, top-up or coupe-de-ville form.  The casting quality is very good, with all the details there, and the all-important stance of the real car nicely caught.  Plated details include the bumpers, radiator grille, headlight and spotlight surrounds (with lenses in resin), hubcaps, windscreen frame and wipers, door handles, filler cap, rear lights and boot trim.

Finish is very good and there is a wide choice of authentic colours, including ivory, light green, dark blue, dark silver, and black.  There is also a choice of interior colours, again authentically matched with the body colour, likewise the colour of the hood is an authentic match.  Interior detail is very good, with the correct–pattern bench seats, three-spoke steering wheel and a very nicely-detailed dashboard in wood effect, with the dial detail neatly picked out.  Internal door handles and window winders, sun visors, interior mirrors, armrests, wood-effect capping, and contrasting carpet-effect floor, complete a fine interior.

Underneath, there is a basic rendition of the main chassis members, the engine and drive train, and the exhaust system, cast into the baseplate.

A very fine model indeed.  The price level around £125.00 means it is not the cheapest handbuilt, but the level of detail, quality and exclusivity shows where the money goes.  Recommended for collectors of British cars of this era.

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