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Rolls-Royce Aerocar Background

Rolls-Royce Aerocar 20hp 1927 (FL2)

Rolls-Royce Aerocar 20hp 1927

Rolls-Royce Aerocar 20hp 1927

The Rolls-Royce Aerocar was based on a 1927 Rolls-Royce 20hp chassis which was sent to the USA.  No body details for the original car seem to be available.

In 1929 a second hand engine, some suspension and wheel components were sent out for the car.  It is not known why these were needed (judging by the parts required the car may have been in a crash?)

In 1933/34 a new streamlined body was fitted in Boston by Tecton, a Boston company, for the owner Alan Beamish.  The car was designed to pull aircraft into the air.  It was given an aluminium body with Plexiglas (Perspex) rear windows.  These were fairly new materials in the 30’s.  The dashboard was made of cast aluminium.  The car had a fin shape at the rear and a tow hook on the back.  The roof had Perspex panels.  The body number is thought to be GUJ52.  Presumably the shape and very clear rear visibility were designed to make towing an aircraft easier.

Alan Beamish had a racetrack in his garden and used it to hold races.

In the 1950’s the car went to Rhodesia.  At the time of the independence of Southern Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) it went to South Africa, firstly to Johannesburg and then to Capetown.

It was later moved to London and sold.  (possibly as a way to get money out of South Africa).

The current owner purchased the car around 10 years ago.  It is part of the private vintage car collection at the Awentsbury Hotel, Selly Park, Birmingham, England.


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