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Rolls-Royce Phantom II Henley Coupé 1934 Background

Chassis No. 221AMS.  Body by Brewster.  Model FL3.

The Phantom II was the last model whose design was overseen by Henry Royce. It was much faster than earlier Rolls-Royce cars but retained the reputation for being of high quality and was both rugged and reliable.  Construction of the Phantom II lasted from 1929 to 1935.

Brewster were the American body builders for Rolls-Royce from 1926 onwards in America.  They used mainly English towns as names for the models, such as Croydon, Huntingdon, Henley, Keswick etc.

There was only one variant from the usual Rolls-Royce 'V' shaped windscreen cars and this was a straight screen version with torpedo shaped headlamps and a fixed hood.  The 6 cylinder 7688cc engine was number U75J.

Rolls-Royce Henley Coupe

This car was Brewster body #7448.  The chassis was off-test on 20th Nov 1933 and the car was delivered on 22nd May 1934 to its first owner Mrs Mary Elizabeth Williams of Cincinnati, Ohio. These cars did not sell well after the Great Slump and the chassis was only sold some time after completion. The body was in black with a black leather roof and black leather interior.

The car was sold by Christies, New York in 1999 for $321,500 to Dennis Nicotra.  It was later sold to another owner, Mark Smith.  It was auctioned by RM Auctions for $825,000 in Phoenix, Arizona on 19th Jan. 2007.  The current owner is unknown.  

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