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Invicta S62 Background

This Register entry was compiled by Derek Green of Cedar Classic Cars.  Printed by the Invicta Car Club 1992 (updated 1996).

Car No. S62
Frame No. checked Yes
Registration No. GP812 (May 1931 - Aug 1931)
First Reg. 1/6/31
Name Speedy
Engine No. 7437  Now 7364.  Stamped on front of crankcase  Chas GN1 (6ESG) Rocker cover overstamped 167.   Original engine with car.
Gearbox No. 5050
Body Type Original standard Vanden Plas tourer stripped for racing, then rebodied in Aug 1933 with pointed tail by Vanden Plas (No. 3059, 1/8/33 for Invicta Cars)
Colour 1937 Aluminium and blue, blue trim.  Now blue with blue trim.
History & References Invicta Works car: 1931 - 1934

Competition History

Year 1932

28th July 1932 Alpine Trial A.C.Lace No 16.  Photograph in VSCC Bulletin No 181 shows 3/4 rear view with standard 4 seater body.

Motorsport report comments "Bill Lace left the road completely without serious damage" Later "Donald Healey did Stelvio in record time of 23 min 43 and 3/5th sec.  Both the other Invictas made very fast times"

The Motor 2nd and 9th August 1932

Full report.  Coupe de Glaciers.  Equal first Healey, Lace, Needham.

Year 1933

1933 Monte Carlo Rally

Motorsport Vol 9 Page 150 and 155 reports "A. C. Lace and his crew in an open Invicta with small aero screens had to retire due to frost bite and the road being impassable"

Brooklands Whit Monday

Second Cobham Mountain Handicap.  A.C.Lace 3rd

Third Cobham Mountain Handicap.  A.C.Lace 3rd

1933 Isle of Man 14th July "Mannin Moar"

Signed photograph by A.C.Lace 14/7/33

Motorspeed Vol 9 Page 451 "Lace's car (1) which of course was unsupercharged was the only English car entered.  During practice its silence and fast cornering made a very favourable impression on all who saw it."  Then  "Lace who's Invicta had been travelling silently and well, lay 6th at 15 laps averaging 56.61 mph against 64.10 of leading Alfa."  Then  "On lap 38 Lace took to the escape road and adjusted brakes, which then failed altogether and he hit a telegraph pole, breaking it off and damaging the front of the car."

1933 TT Ards Belfast 2nd September 1933

Motorsport Vol 9 page 496

"Entries for TT:  A.C.Lace (Head of Invicta Concern) and F. Abecassis/Vasel Sameiro"

Motorsport Vol 9 page 559

31 entries, the largest cars being the Invictas of Lace and Field

"The most serious stop was that of Field who retired with piston trouble.  Lace driving the other Invicta, was driving smoothly and well and had the satisfaction of beating by 1 second the class record put up by Sir Henry Birkin on a Bentley, lapping in 10 min 41 sec or 74.39 mph"

"It was now getting time to refuel and Lace filled with petrol and oil and adjusted brakes and shock absorbers in the good time of 1 min 15 sec."  Then "To everyone's regret, Lace's Invicta came in slowly and retired with main bearing trouble."

The BRDC 500 Brooklands 16th September

Motorsport Vol 9 page 551

Starters G. Field and J. Ettlinger No 37,  A. C. Lace No 38

"Just before 2pm Lace retires with a blown gasket" (about half distance)

Year 1934

1934 International Trophy 28th April

Group 2 A.C.Lace suffered fuel starvation and then retired after about 55 laps with a broken conrod.

1934 Ards TT 1st September:  A.C.Lace and E.K.Rayson

Motorsport Vol 10 page 561

Rayson who was at the wheel of Lace's car instead of Lace and Fontes.

"After 4 hours running there were still 27 cars in action out of the 40 starters, the latest retirement being, amongst others Rayson's Invicta with a broken piston"


June 1931 to 1934 (?Later) Invicta Cars Ltd: 1937 V.A.Coates: Blakes of Liverpool: 1951 J.E.Pearson: Oct 1952 Chiltern Cars to Lord O'Neill: Feb 2000 Murray Smith.

Car currently for sale.


VSCC no. 181 on 1932 Alpine Rally with standard body.

Invicta Club Magazine 100 mph May 1966, Flashback to the 1933 Monte Carlo Rally also 1932 Alpine Trial:

The Gauntlet Vol 1 1937 Photo of V.A.Coates with "Speedy" at the foundation meeting.  Alluminium and Blue.  April 1937 "Speedy" for sale.

Vol 2 Jan 1938 "Speedy" still for sale with Messrs Taylor of St. Lozells, Birmingham.

MS Oct 1952 Photo for sale by Chiltern Cars £245:

MS May 1988 p.474 Telltale Tails "The T.T. Invictas."

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