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Jowett Centenary Anniversary.

Article from Veteran Tidende, magazine of the Danish Veteran Club March 2011.

A glorious vision, Jupiters as far as the eye can see.
By Mogens Ottosen
Photo: Mogens Ottosen and Ib Rasmussen

In 1910 production of Jowett automobiles started in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. 100 years later it was celebrated with an international rally – The Jowett Centenary - organized by the Jowett Car Club.

We began in the autumn of 2009 to arrange to take part in the rally. lb Rasmussen was easily persuaded to attend, with our Swedish friends Birgit and Gustav Josefsson, and to my great joy my daughter Mette said she would also like to attend.

Morning coffee being enjoyed before starting the adventure.

The rally took place on the 28th May 2010 in the magnificent Yorkshire countryside. I was particularly excited to show my Summer coupe which last went to a rally in England in 1975! On the way to the ferry in Esbjerg we visited Læborg Auto Trade, which was definitely worth a visit. We were superbly entertained by Soren Sorensen.

After getting off the ferry in Harwich we drove through Cambridge and stopped at the MG Owners Club's shop in Swavesey. There my trouble with engine overheating begins, which only gets worse, and after the overnight stay at a cozy hotel in Kenilworth I remove the spark plugs and note that they are wet! The water is going from a water chamber into the cylinder: a replacement cylinder head gasket is needed.

The weather is great, with plenty of sunshine, so we decide to follow our next stage, while keeping a lookout for a workshop.  We visited the previous owner of my Jupiter Anders Ditlev Clausager, chief archivist at the Jaguar museum which is situated where the Jaguar factory was located in Coventry.

On the way there Ib and I spotted a workshop and after a conversation with the boss he "rented" me a lift and facilities for 2 hours; and after the 2 hours we continued our journey.

Jowett 100 year rally
Laeborg Auto Trade
Jowett 100 year rally
MG owners shop visited in Swavesey
Jowett 100 year rally
Jaguar Heritage visit
Jowett 100 year rally
Donald D. Clausager considers Mogens Ottosen's Summer Jupiter: he was an earlier owner.
Jowett 100 year rally
Cars photographed best from above.

After a great ride in the hilly landscape full of blooming rhododendrons we arrived at Cedar Court Hotel in Wakefield, which was the base for the rally for the next 4 days. Once all participants had arrived there were 160 Jowett vehicles and there were participants from 11 nations.

We get a fantastic reception: Ib Rasmussen's been to several rallies in Scotland and England and is therefore known at the club. After finding our accommodation we attend an auction of a lot of original Jowett parts, which was carried out with great high spirits.

The next day, we must continue the rally against sticks and stones - literally, 75 km on an incredibly bad road with many large hills and with rain and drizzle. It was an incredible experience. I am partnered by Ib Rasmussen and after approx. 5 km. we see a Jowett 1924 Short 2, 18 HP, which has been stalling. We stop and try to help, giving aid to a frustrated Scot!
It turns out that there is a bad connection in the ignition switch, so Ib did some "hotwiring" between the battery and the ignition coil, after which it starts and we all continue, with us as a service vehicle. We ensured that the Scot arrived at our first stop where we get warm, and enjoy getting coffee and cake!

The sun shines the day after when we are to travel approximately 10 km. to Cannon Hall, a castle from the 1700s, where we must put the cars on display at a “Concours”. lb arrives a little later after driving my daughter Mette to Manchester Airport because she was going home for graduation. There is a great opportunity to view Jowett cars of all kinds for a whole day. In the evening a gala dinner, great food and style, conversation and toasts to the queen. After the formal speeches were finished we made a little speech, and then I handed the president Malcolm Oliver a beautiful plaque from Denmark (we were the only ones who had a gift), and to great applause Ib Rasmussen invited the members to a Jowett meeting in Denmark in 2012.

Jowett 100 year rally
The workshop at P & A Wood
Jowett 100 year rally
Cannon Hall.  In the foreground a Bradford van.
Jowett 100 year rally
Trophy at home - Ib Rasmussen
Jowett 100 year rally
Jupiter R4 of fibreglass never went into production: Only 3 exist.
Jowett 100 year rally
Jowett products in beautiful surroundings.

Then there were prizes, and truth be told, we did very well. I won 3 awards in my coupe; Best Special bodied - Concours-Special bodied – Best car in show. Ib Rasmussen won the "sporting / competition Award” for being the one who had driven in the most races with Jupiter in 2010, and finally a prize was won by Birgit and Gustav who had traveled the farthest to the rally. That evening we ended up in the bar to celebrate the results.

Monday started with a bus ride to the location where the Jowett factory had been in Bradford, with Birgit and Gustav taking part, while lb visited our good friend Mike Smalies in Norton. I start early for Harwich, as the engine was still getting hot, and my gearstick had sheared and has been repaired with duct tape. While I'm struggling to the ferry, Ib, Birgit and Gustav visited a Rolls-Royce and Bentley restoration shop and sales business, P. & A. Wood, an impressive business with extremely high standards. Then Birgit and Gustav get problems with the petrol pump in the Jupiter and get it transported to the ferry. Aboard the ferry we get good food and can celebrate my birthday.

We get the permission of the captain to work on deck, where the petrol pump is removed - it is impossible to repair when it is full of water due to an error in fitting it right behind the front wheel.
When we arrive in Esbjerg lb gets a new petrol pump and fits it, then I take a long time on the route to Copenhagen because I have to stop every 25 km. to fill the car with water. Finally I arrive in town late in the evening, but at least the car managed on its own wheels. Total approx. 1700 km.

Jowett 100 year rally
Changing the water pump in the Jupiter.
Jowett 100 year rally
1924 Short 2 18hp with stopped engine
Jowett 100 year rally
Winner of the 1 1/2 litre class at Le Mans 1952.  Jupiter R1.

It was really a good journey and an incredibly good and well planned rally, and we look forward to receiving Jowett people here in Denmark in 2012.

Now, in winter, I have changed to a refurbished engine in the Jupiter and am fitting a bigger water cooler!

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