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TA14 'Woody' Background

1947 Alvis TA14 'Woody' by Jensen, chassis 21011

After the Second World War steel was in short supply.  Although Alvis, through their war-time contracts had a good allocation to make their new TA14 rolling chassis, their normal bodywork suppliers were not so fortunate. 

Coupled with the incentive that commercial vehicles did not attract purchase tax, TA14's turned up in a variety of wood - and - aluminium estate type bodies, over which Alvis kept a strict quality control.  Perhaps the most handsome (and certainly the most practical and hard wearing) were the ten bodies built by Jensen of West Bromwich (later to produce the famous "Interceptor" range of sports saloons).  Three survive in working order, and others in various states of restoration.

The model illustrated was supplied in 1947 to Major Brooks, who was chairman of the Board of Bolsover Colliery, Derbyshire.  He used it for many years on his estates in Cheshire and the Cotswolds.  He then sold it to one of his tenant farmers, who later sold it to the present owner, who uses it every day to carry hay, seaweed, driftwood, animal feed, shopping, dogs etc., as it has done in the entire 100,000 miles of its life.

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