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Index to Articles

There are a number of articles about the models, the makers of the cars, reviews of models and how models are made throughout this web site.  Most of these are available from links within the individual model descriptions, but a few more general articles can only be seen from this page.  This index lists all of these articles and gives a method of viewing them from a single page.

You can click on the article link to go directly to the page for a particular article.  If you then wish to return to this index it is easiest to click your browser back button.

Article No.Web PageTitleSummary of Article
1articleRolls-Royce Phantom II by Darrin 'Countess Di Frasso' 1938 (FL1)The history and design of the Rolls-Royce Phantom II owned by the Countess Di Frasso.
2articleJ & M Classics Healey ElliottBackground of the Healey Elliott, with a review of the model. This article and review appeared in the Diecast Collector Magazine for May 2006 under the title J & M Classics Healey Elliott.
3articleSquire 1-1/2 litre Background.A brief history of the Squire company and of the car, the Squire 1-1/2 litre Vanden Plas De Luxe 2 Seater (AT3).
4articleBentley 4-1/2 litre Background.The background of the Bentley 4-1/2 litre 1928 (AT5) and 1929 (AT4), with details of the race history of the car, including the Le Mans winner 'Old Mother Gun'.
5articleHistory of the Duncan Company.A short history of the Duncan company, showing how it led to the Alvis TA14 Duncan 2 Door Sports Coupé in 1948.
6articleThe Exploits of the First Healey, Chassis 1502.This is the history of the first Healey car, which had chassis number 1502. Details are given of the first speed trial of this Healey Elliott, with more recent information on how it was rediscovered, leading to it's restoration.
7articleRolls-Royce Aerocar Background.The story behind the Rolls-Royce Aerocar 20hp 1927 (FL2), an interesting car with a streamlined body designed to tow aircraft into the air.
8articleHealey Duncan by Patrick Quinn.An interesting article about the early Duncan years and the evolution of the Healey Duncan car. Written by the owner of a Healey Duncan in Australia, who gives details of the story of his car.
9articleHealey Elliott Saloon Background.This is a history of the Healey Elliott GWD 42, chassis B1649. This saloon car took part in many speed trials and races and was advertised as 'the fastest production car in the World'.
10articleInvicta Background.A short history of the Invicta marque.
11articleInvicta S62 Background.The register entry for the 'S' Type Invicta S62 'Speedy', giving full details of the history of the car.
12articleInvicta S90 Background.This is an article called 'Telltale Tails?', which appeared in Motor Sport magazine in the Veteran to Classic section for May 1988. It details the achievements of Invicta S90 'Simplon', a round tailed 'S' Type - one of a pair with S62 'Speedy'.
13articleHistory of Le Mans Elliott 1949 and 1950 - JGO 892.A history of the Le Mans Healey Elliott JGO892, with details of the Le Mans race. Complete with subsequent history of the car.
14articleLe Mans Healey JGO 892 Background.This is another history of JGO892 the Le Mans Healey, written by the current owner. The article refers to the owner's web site where photographs of the restoration of the car can be seen.
15articleMG 'C' Type Background.An article about the history of the MG C Type, with photographs of the original cars.
16articleMG 'J' Type Background.The background of the MG 'J' Type car.
17articleRolls-Royce - The Early Years.The story of the formation and early years of the Rolls-Royce Company.
18articleAlvis Speed 25 Saloon.A review of the Alvis Speed 25 Saloon model which appeared in the Diecast-Collector magazine for August 2004 and was written by Richard Carlson.
19articleTA14 'Woody' Background.A short history of the 1947 Alvis TA14 'Woody' by Jensen, chassis 21011, which was used to make the TA14 'Woody' model.
20articleFWM 237/B1666 'The Praying Mantis' - A very special Healey WestlandThe story of this Healey Westland car, with details of some of the journeys undertaken in North and South America.
21articleRolls-Royce Phantom II Henley Coupe 1934 Background.The background of the Brewster bodied Phantom II Henley coupe, with a photograph of the car.
22articleJ & M Classics Daimler ConquestA history of the Daimler Conquest, with a review of the Daimler Conquest model. From The Diecast Collector magazine. July 2007.
23articleThe Last 10 YearsDevelopments in the model industry over the last 10 years. From The Diecast Collector magazine. September 2007.
24articleJ & M Classics Alvis Speed 20A history of the Alvis Speed 20, with a review of the Alvis Speed 20 model. From The Diecast Collector magazine. September 2007.
25articleJ & M Classics Daimler ConvertibleA history of the Daimler Conquest Coupe Drophead, with a review of the Daimler Conquest Coupe Drophead model. From The Diecast Collector magazine. May 2008.
26articleAn interview with Mike Rogers of J & M ClassicsThis interview took place late in 2007 with Mike Rogers from J & M Classics. It is of general interest and so it is reproduced here.
27articleA New Alvis 1/43 Scale Model - The TA14Details of the process of making a model, the history of the Alvis TA14 and a review of the J & M Classics TA14 model.
28articleThe Rolls-Royce Armoured Car 1920 Pattern Mk1 (SP11).Photographs and a history of the Rolls-Royce Armoured Car 1920 pattern, Mark 1, SV4996. (Model SP11).
29articleJowett Jupiter 1A Coupe.The Story of Jowett Jupiter 1A Coupe chassis E1 SAL 500, registration B 55.
30articleRolls-Royce Armoured CarsThis article was written by Frank Canvin in 1980 from his personal memories of service with Rolls-Royce armoured cars.
31articleJowett Centenary AnniversaryAn article describing the Jowett Anniversary Rally held in England to celebrate the start of Jowett production in 1910, written by a Jowett owner.
32articleDaimler Sports Roadster from J & M ClassicsA history of the Daimler Roadster, with a review of the Daimler Roadster model. From The Diecast Collector magazine. June 2011.
33articleThe Bradford VanThe background to the Bradford Van - production and variants.
34articleReview of the Bradford Van ModelA review of the Bradford Van model which appeared in the Diecast-Collector magazine for September 2011 and was written by Richard Carlson.
35articleDHP233, a 1938 4.3 Litre Alvis Vanden Plas short-chassis Sports Tourer.This history of DHP233 has been compiled by the present owner. The article includes a link to the Autocar road test of the Alvis 4.3 Litre car.
36articleJohn George Haigh - The Acid Bath MurdererThe story of John George Haigh, known as the Acid Bath Murderer and owner of an Alvis Speed 20 saloon.
37articleThe Alvis V8 1967 Burns Special.A history of the Alvis V8 Burns Special car, designed by Jim Burns as a special export Alvis V8 5355cc car predominantly for the American market, but never put into production. This prototype car is therefore unique.
38articleDuncan Industries: a historical reviewAn article from the Eastern Counties Motor Club Historic Review, giving a detailed background of Duncan Industries - how it came into existence and how it came to an end.
39articleMG on the job 1936-1940This article details the use of MGs in the police-force and on driving courses from 1936-1940.
40articleDoreen EvansDoreen Evans, her life and racing career.
41articleThe ex-Doreen Evans' R-type MG MidgetThe history of the MG R Type owned by Doreen Evans. From Motor Sport Magazine.
42articleAuction details for the MG R TypeAuction details for the MG R Type - Detailing the racing history of the Doreen Evans MG R Type.
43articleDonald Healey Monte Carlo WinnerIn 1931 Donald Healey drove an Invicta S Type 4.5 litre car to win the Monte Carlo Rally. This article gives details of the rally and the car.