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Index to Models

The Index to Models is a database which includes all models and future models detailed on this site.  You can download a complete list of our models in 'pdf' format by clicking the link: Marqueart model range.

You can click on the model picture to go directly to the page for a particular model.  If you then wish to return to this index it is easiest to click your browser back button.

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Click for DetailsMakeModelScaleMade ByPart Number
Bentley4 1/2 litre 'Bertie' Vanden Plas1:43Manoir MiniaturesBC3
DaimlerDB18 2-1/2 litre drophead coupe (1939) King George VI.1:43AutotorqueAT10
InvictaInvicta S-Type Donald Healey 1931 Monte Carlo winner1:43AutotorqueAT11
Invicta4 1/2 litre 'S' Type Tourer 19321:43AutotorqueAT2
Invicta4 1/2 litre 'S' Type Coupé 1934, by Salmons.1:43AutotorqueAT6
InvictaS Type S90 ‘Simplon’1:43AutotorqueAT7
InvictaS Type Cycle Wing 1929.1:43AutotorqueAT9
MGEX181 Record Breaker.1:43AutotorqueEX181
MGEX182 MGA 24 hour Le Mans 19551:43AutotorqueEX182
MGJ1 4 Seater.1:43AutotorqueMR1
MGC Type Midget 1931 (pointed tail) Supercharged.1:43AutotorqueMR10
MGM Type Midget 1930/311:43AutotorqueMR12
MGTB Tickford Coupe by Salmons 19391:43AutotorqueMR13
MGTD Midget 19501:43AutotorqueMR14
MGEX120 Magic Midget Record Breaker.1:43AutotorqueMR15
MGR Type Midget 1935 (racing car).1:43AutotorqueMR16
MGPA/PB 2 Seater1:43AutotorqueMR17
MGPA/PB 4 Seater1:43AutotorqueMR18
MGPA/PB Airline 1934 - 19361:43AutotorqueMR19
MGJ1 Salonette. 19331:43AutotorqueMR2
MGJ2 2 Seater Swept Wing.1:43AutotorqueMR3
MGJ2 2 Seater Cycle Wing.1:43AutotorqueMR4
MGJ3 2 Seater Supercharged1:43AutotorqueMR5
MGJ4 2 Seater Supercharged.1:43AutotorqueMR6

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