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MG Models

All of the MG models are shown below.  Click on the model picture to see full details of a particular model.  You can sort the models by clicking the header links.

Please note that if a particular model is not in stock we are able to build one to customer order.

Click for DetailsModelScaleMade ByPart_Number 
EX181 Record Breaker.1:43Abingdon ClassicsEX181
EX182 MGA 24 hour Le Mans 19551:43Abingdon ClassicsEX182
J1 4 Seater.1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR1
C Type Midget 1931 (pointed tail) Supercharged.1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR10
TF1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR11
M Type Midget 1930/311:43Abingdon ClassicsMR12
TB Tickford Coupe by Salmons 19391:43Abingdon ClassicsMR13
TD Midget 19501:43Abingdon ClassicsMR14
EX120 Magic Midget Record Breaker.1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR15
R Type Midget 1935 (racing car).1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR16
PA/PB 2 Seater1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR17
PB 4 Seater1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR18
PA/PB Airline 1934 - 19361:43Abingdon ClassicsMR19
J1 Salonette. 19331:43Abingdon ClassicsMR2
J2 2 Seater Swept Wing.1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR3
J2 2 Seater Cycle Wing.1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR4
J3 2 Seater Supercharged1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR5
J4 2 Seater Supercharged.1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR6
C Type Montlhery Midget 1931 (pointed tail) Double 12.1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR7
C Type Midget 1931 (pointed tail)1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR8
C Type Midget 1931. (pointed tail). Normal Screen, Hood up1:43Abingdon ClassicsMR9
TA 1937 Police Car, Lancashire Constabulary1:43Abingdon ClassicsPC1
TF 1953 - 1954 Police Car, Kent Constabulary.1:43Abingdon ClassicsPC2
C Type Le Mans 1931 and 19321:43Abingdon ClassicsRC1
J3 Le Mans 19331:43Abingdon ClassicsRC2
J3 Le Mans 19341:43Abingdon ClassicsRC3