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Squire 1 1/2 litre Vanden Plas de luxe 2 seater 1934

Chassis number X101

Made by Autotorque

Limited Edition of 50 of each colour

1:43 scale white metal

Stock Code: AT3

Price: £130

Squire 1 1/2 litre Background Information

Options Available

Standard Versions:

Cream with red interior.  Open, windscreen flat.

Light green with light beige interior.  Open.

French blue with sand interior, hood up.

British Racing Green with green interior.  Open, windscreen flat.


We are also offering two slightly different versions of the Squire. 

The first is a version which was made specifically to the customer's own requirements (Hon. Sherman Stoner) back in the 1930s (chassis no. X102). 

Exact in all respects to the above, the only difference being the cut away sides to the wings. 

Available in:

Monza red with red interior.  Open.

with windscreen flat or upright.


The other version is a copy of chassis no. X103, which again has different cut away sides to the wings.  It is in the original car colours, which are:

Black with silver wheels and silver/grey seats.  Open with windscreen upright.

This has the special number plate JB5568 and is as shown in the actual car.

(see photo taken at Pebble Beach).

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